4 Ways Private Boarding Schools Help Pupils Thrive

Private schooling offers parents the opportunity to provide their children with an unrivalled education, but many struggle to decide between boarding school and day school. Boarding is far more common among private schools, and yet it can seem like too much for a child to handle. However, boarding has been popular for generations, and it offers a wide range of advantages that can help each pupil reach their full potential.

Here are just four reasons to consider a private school with boarding services. 

1. Builds Strong Social Bonds

The friendships you forge during your time at school often last a lifetime, and the social skills you develop can be extremely important throughout your life. Since pupils study, relax, eat and live together, boarding schools tend to develop stronger ties than day schools and ensure that even more retiring children are able to build their social skills. The deep friendships and high level of support from their peers can help your child make the most of their educational opportunities.

2. Offers a Wide Range of Extracurriculars

Life at a boarding school is seldom boring. There should be a wide and diverse range of extracurricular activities covering everything from music and sport to art and languages. On-site facilities are usually excellent, and the fact they are all right there at the school means children can take advantage of whatever interests them. Whether they're drawn to the sports fields or are eager to learn an instrument, boarding should help encourage and develop those pursuits.

3. Fosters a Sense of Independence

Pupils at a private boarding school will enjoy strong pastoral support, plenty of structure, and very good security, and yet they'll also benefit from a sense of independence far greater than they would while living at home. This is often attractive for children since many yearn for a greater sense of independence, especially during their teenage years. It also helps them develop self-reliance and bridges the divide between living at home and moving on to university and the wider world.

4. Immersive Learning Environment

Finally, attending a boarding school puts pupils in a far more immersive learning environment than a day school. They will be in a place dedicated to learning 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Though they naturally won't be in class for all that time, they will still enjoy access to state-of-the-art facilities and educational resources whenever they are required. Staff will also often be housed on-site and therefore able to provide support that goes above and beyond what would be offered at a day school.